Euro Millions Lotto

Euro Millions Lotto

It’s no secret that many Australians are fond of a punt, and this is why exciting overseas lottery opportunities are always welcomed by many people. It’s also why our Lottoland team are so pleased to find many of our terrific customers are already enjoying the twice weekly chance offered by playing Euro Millions.

It’s regularly the biggest jackpot lottery in the whole of that continent and we’ll see why in a moment. First, more good news, as it costs just $5* to be part of the fun. With a Euro Millions jackpot of at least €15m or $21m always on offer, and a record payout of €190m, or about $267m, it’s good to play.

Here at Lottoland, you can be part of the search for these amazing Euro Millions jackpots, with a draw taking place on each and every Friday and Tuesday of the year at 9.30pm (that’s Central European Time). All you need to do is choose your Euro Millions numbers by first picking five from between one and 50, and then simply select two more of their Lucky Stars numbers between one and 11. Match both these five choices and Lucky Stars and, seven numbers later, it’s you who are a Euro Millions Jackpot winner. But you can also be successful by matching only two of your main numbers as they offer a full 13 prize divisions.

Once entered, you can easily check all the Euro Millions results and see those winning numbers on our Lottoland site.

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

If you enjoy imagining what it would be like to be in with the chance of winning a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot, it’s high time you introduced yourself to the fabulous Euro Millions draw! And Lottoland is the best place to do so, as we match the prizes as they are awarded by that official lottery provider.

You can soon be a participant in Europe’s famous and, so importantly, record-breaking jackpot providing lottery for only $5*. It’s so simple to enter online at Lottoland. Just make five number choices between ome and 50, add two Lucky Stars to this (from one to 11), and should all seven appear from the draw, you’re a very happy Euro Millions jackpot holder!

By the way, the biggest jackpot to date is an almost unbelievable €190m ($267m). And, at Lottoland you can either secure an automatic entry into every draw, or prefer to automatically enter only if that rollover jackpot reaches a chosen level. The Euro Millions jackpot numbers draw happens every Friday and Tuesday in Paris at 9.30pm Central European Time. It’s time to be a part of it!

Euro Millions Lotto vs Euro Jackpot

There are two ways to win big through lotteries from Europe. So it’s Euro Millions v Euro Jackpot – or, of course, both. Our Lottoland customers have asked for key facts about both of them. As a starting point, they let you choose five main numbers between one and 50 and then add two further bonus numbers. Euro Millions’ range from one to 11, with Euro Jackpot it’s just one to 10.

As for the jackpots that they offer, well the minimum for Euro Jackpot is much less at €10m ($14m), whereas Euro Millions starts from €15m ($21m). Mind you, either would surely be most welcome! As the rollovers grow, let’s look at their record payouts. Euro Millions is substantially the higher with their current record standing proudly at €190m ($267m approx), whereas Euro Jackpot’s best is a still highly desirable €60m (circa $84m).

As for your winning probability index: the Euro Millions is set at 1:23, Euro Jackpot is way out at almost twice that and set at 1:42. To play Euro Jackpot here at Lottoland, it costs just $3; Euro Millions is slightly more at $5*.

Whichever you choose, or both, the results will always be online here at Lottoland. Euro Millions makes their draws at 9.30pm each Tuesday and Friday, Euro Jackpot once a week on Fridays at 9pm – these times are both CET.

Euro Millions Lotto Promotions

Like some good news if you are fan of great jackpot lotteries? This is about playing Euro Millions here at Lottoland, the home of great promotions and stunning offers. If you are new to Euro Millions jackpot draws, here are all the important details.

Created by a combination of the national lottery authorities of France, Spain and the UK, early in the new millennium (2004 to be precise), Euro Millions’ pan-European popularity has grown quickly right throughout the years since that starting point. On every Tuesday and Friday evening, in Paris and at 9.30pm Central European Time, these draws are conducted. It’s big news too, not surprising as they deliver the largest jackpot payouts in Europe. For example, their current record is a fabulous $267m or so (€190m) and they offer a minimum that’s a pretty terrific $21m (€15m). It’d be nice to wake up of a morning, check your numbers at Lottoland, and find a tidy sum is yours!

Offer time! Simply buy a subscription for a minimum of one game in these two weekly draws. You’d expect to pay $10, with us it’ll just be $8.50, and that’s a pretty useful 15% off! So, get those numbers chosen now!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

‘And here is the important news overnight’ – one of our team here at Lottoland would like to make this announcement with a huge megaphone every Wednesday and Saturday morning, but we’re a quiet bunch really. The reason to shout it out? Well, over in Paris, every Tuesday and Friday evening at 9.30pm (CET), the winning numbers of the legendary Euro Millions draws are chosen. This terrific lottery was set up by France, Spain and the UK in 2004, and delivers what are the greatest lottery jackpots anywhere in Europe.

Take a moment or two to enter these great draws with us, and you’ll want to check whether your numbers have won anywhere across an amazing 13 prize divisions. We publish all the results of every single Euro Millions draw, right back to opening night. Should you be a light sleeper, you can even check just as soon as those confirmed results are released from the Euro Millions numbers draw HQ in Paris.

There’s a jackpot that starts at €15m –around $21m Australian – but then rolls over and quickly grows; the record is a stunning €190m ($267m or so). Ready to be part of the fun? Lottoland makes it so easy to enter, and equally simple to check up on all the results, so let’s go.