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For a simple, convenient way to get lotto results from all over the world, visit Lottoland, a leading lottery website. This clever service gives you all the lotto results you could possibly want and you don’t even have to leave your house to find them. All you need is an Internet connection, and a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Among the lotteries you’ll find on Lottoland are the UK Lotto, the US MegaMillions, the EuroMillions, US PowerBall, the Euro Jackpot and Australia’s many lottery games. That’s just name a few. Think of any big lottery and you’ll see it on Lottoland.

One of Lottoland’s biggest advantages is that lotto results are published immediately. Pages are updated after each and every draw. You can find out if you’re taking a sweet cash prize home without hanging around for any length of time. In addition, Lottoland keeps a record of backdated results. This allows keen lotto players to study hard and try to come up with smart lottery strategies.

You can have confidence in the comprehensiveness of Lottoland’s results services. All the latest jackpot prizes – including prize tiers – are there, alongside breakdowns of results.
There’s no question that Lottoland provides one of the easiest, trouble-free services for lottery players in the world. Whether you prefer playing the US Mega Millions, the EuroMillions, the US Powerball or the Euro jackpot, you’ll find results. Why wait? Hop online now and see what’s there.

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

Australians really, really like playing lotto. That’s why draws are held five times a week. You only have to have two nights off. Jackpots usually guarantee a few million, but megadraws and superdraws, which take place regularly, offer much more money. Expect to see jackpots worth tens of millions.

Whichever game you enter, you’ll find the results you need on Lottoland. This innovative site publishes results straight after every game. You’ll see Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Tuesday Lotto, Thursday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto® and Australian Powerball® on there. As soon as the winning numbers are announced, Lottoland’s pages are updated, so you never have to sit around, twiddling your fingers and wondering. Just find the page covering your favourite lottery and see how your chosen numbers went.

Furthermore, Lottoland covers results from previous draws, as well. This service goes back years and years. You can see how particular numbers have performed over time and consider coming up with effective lottery strategies. It’s not only standard results that are published, but prize breakdowns and information about the latest jackpots for all Australian lottery games. Why not visit Lottoland today and explore its comprehensive coverage of Australian lotto results?

Keno Results

Is Keno your preferred lottery? Go to Lottoland to make your games more enjoyable and more convenient. This cracking website gives you all the latest Keno results. Jump online and find out how your numbers went straight after evey draw –there’s no need to mope about, guessing and hoping.

As any seasoned Keno player knows, Keno draws take place nearly 24 hours a day. The fun kicks off at 7.54am AEST (9.54am AEDT) every morning and goes off every four minutes, not winding up until 2.34pm AEST (4.34pm AEDT). $1 million could be anybody’s at every draw. That amounts to a million bucks possibly going out the door 15 times per hour. Visit Lottoland straight after every game to see updated Keno.

The way a Keno draw works is simple. 70 numbers go into every draw and, at random, 20 are picked out. Entering is a cinch. Pick a minimum of one number and a maximum of 10. It’s your choice. But, do keep in mind that you must choose to 10 to go in for the million dollar prize. Smaller entries can only win smaller amounts.

Swing by Lottoland right now to find all the latest Keno results in one, easy-to-use place.

US Powerball Results

For those whose favourite lottery game is US Powerball, Lottoland is where to go to find US Powerball results. This awesome website is entirely committed to international lotteries. Results for all major draws are published as soon as they’re announced.

Lottoland simply doesn’t mess around. For US Powerball, draws occur two times a week – on Thursdays and on Sundays at 11am AEST (1pm AEDT). Without waiting, the site publishes the results. You’ll also find information about jackpots, so you can always know how much money is in the ring. Amazingly, US Powerball smashed out a world record in January 2016 of a mega jackpot of $2.3 billion.

In addition to publishing the latest US Powerball results, Lottoland also publishes older one. If you’re really keen to find out how US Powerball results have developed over the years, you can research as far as 1992. All nine of US Powerball’s divisions are covered.

Putting an entry into a US Powerball draw is a walk in the park. Just select five numbers in a range of 1 to 66, as well as one Powerball number in a range of 1 to 20. Al six numbers must match the winning numbers to see you take home the jackpot.

Euro Millions Lotto Results

Pop to Lottoland to read all the latest Euro Millions lotto results. It’s one of the most useful lottery sites on the web. If you’ve played the Euro Millions lotto in the past, you’ll be well aware that there are two draws per week. Gear up on Tuesday at 9:30pm (CET) for the first and at 9:30pm (CET) on Friday for the second. They both take place in the romantic city of Paris.

So far, the European record for the biggest lottery jackpot has been set by the Euro Millions lotto. It’s a whopping $267 million and has been given away on more than one occasion. If you’re enthusiastic about researching the Euro Millions lotto, you can use Lottoland to check results dating back to 2004.

Here’s how to enter a Euro Millions lotto draw. First up, pick up two Lucky Stars between 1 and 11. Secondly, think of five numbers between 1 and 50. To get the jackpot, match all seven numbers. Even if that doesn’t happen, keep an eye on the 13 prize divisions to find out if a smaller prize is yours.

Don’t wait! Visit Lottoland now for the latest Euro Millions lotto results. Today could be your lucky day and you might get yourself cashed up.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

Of all the lotto websites in the world, Lottoland is one of the most informative. It’s where you’ll find US Mega Millions results published, as soon as draws are conducted and announced. On top of getting all the latest results, you can also research draws as far back as 1996. Lottoland’s archive is super helpful for anyone hoping to work out smart US Mega Million strategies.

There are two US MegaMillions draws per week. Wednesday at 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT) is when the first takes place and Saturday at 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT) is when the second happens. Enter by selecting six numbers. Make sure the first five are between 1 and 75 and the sixth is between 1 and 15. Should all six be drawn, you’ll be going home with the jackpot prize. What’s more, the existence of nine prize divisions means that, even with fewer matches, you might still score some money. One thing’s for certain – you’ll find US Powerball results on Lottoland, straight after their published.

In 2012, the US Mega Millions saw the second biggest lottery in history, when $840 million was claimed. This is one of the reasons why so many people all over the world enter the US Mega Millions. To see the very latest in US Mega Millions results, visit Lottoland today.