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Do you already enjoy any Australian lottery online? If so, would you also like to expand your horizons? Here at Lottoland, as well as playing the games you know and love, we give our many customers superb and swift opportunities to play some of the greatest lotto games anywhere on our planet. For example, if it’s the home of huge jackpots, then it’s worth a visit to Europe (at least with us here at Lottoland) where you might choose their amazing EuroMillions, the classic UK Lotto, or Italy’s beloved SuperEnalotto. Or, if you want the place where humongous jackpots are won, then of course it’s the good old US of A. You could be a part of their classic MegaMillions, or play US PowerBall with their record-smashing jackpots.

And with Lottoland, you are always playing for exactly the same prizes across every division, as are the natives from the country of your chosen lottery. Match all or enough of those winning numbers, and if that happens, all your winnings are sent straight to your individual Lottoland account.

Whisper it quietly, but we offer even more to our customers than you might find across the seas. We provide amazing Lottoland bonuses, terrific special promotions, and even jackpots that are exclusive to our Lottoland customers here in Australia. You can check the winning numbers whenever you want with us as well. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Lottoland and see all the possibilities for yourself!

Lottoland Australia

Lottoland Australia might sound like a place you would visit in a mystical adventure, but we’re much more down to earth than that. Our aim is simple: to help anyone who wants to enter either an Australian lottery, or some of the world’s greatest games, to do so quickly and confidently. You can choose to be part of one of our native lotteries, even the super Keno of course, or take a trip much further afield. Lottoland offers only the best of international lotteries: the ones with the jackpots that matter, featuring life-changing sums of money.

With Lottoland, you can play any game just as you would if you were in its country of origin. Choose your numbers, select the number of lines you wish to play, and enter. And, if and when those numbers come up, for a jackpot or one of the many other prize divisions offered, then you can be sure that every cent of your winnings will be quickly credited to your own Lottoland Australia account.

You might be pleased to know that we even provide more chances to be successful than for players in their own home places. This is due to an amazing collection of both promotions and bonuses, created exclusively for you when you play through Lottoland Australia. You might well try our superb DoubleJackpot option. Guess what that does? Yep, if you double any stake, then should your numbers match all the winning jackpot ones, your prize money will also be doubled.

You can choose to be part of either MegaMillions or US PowerBall – or even both of these great American institutions. From Europe, you might try and win the jackpot from the twice-weekly UK Lotto, or take a punt with Italy’s SuperEnalotto, or that home of wonderful jackpots that is EuroMillions. Which would you like to try now?

How Lottoland Australia Works

We are often asked to provide a quick explanation of how Lottoland Australia operates, particularly in terms of the access we provide to great Lottery competitions in both Europe and North America. Happy to oblige.

Our aim is to allow you to join us online wherever you are, and be able to quickly choose and then enter the lottery competitions that most appeal to you. This might be such icons of the world’s lotteries as US PowerBall or MegaMillions, or Europe’s twice weekly EuroMillions, home of the continent’s biggest ever jackpots. Check out all the possibilities at Lottoland.

Once you are ready to play one or more of these games, simply make the required choice of numbers, and then decide the number of games you wish to use them for.

Punters also ask us, on a regular basis, about the actual prize payouts. Again, the situation is really simple: thanks to our careful Lottoland insurance model, we guarantee that any winning tickets pay out what they would in their country of origin, across all levels. When and if you win, we then credit the prize straight into your personal Lottoland account.

By the way, we even provide our own Lottoland customers with some extra opportunities by offering great bonuses, terrific offers and games purely for our Lottoland Australia site patrons. And, to keep up-to-date with all results, you know what to do! Our site even holds results from past games that are years and even decades distant. Come and see for yourself right now.

Lottoland Australia Cash4Life

‘I wake up every morning with a smile on my face’ is a line from an old country song; one written well before we discovered a great way that this could be true for you.

Introducing the amazing concept behind a terrific game called Cash4Life. It’s drawn every Monday and Thursday at 9pm (ET). If you win the top prize, you receive $1,000 dollars. Doesn’t sound all that impressive? Sorry – we forgot to add that this will happen every single day for as long as you live! Thought that might float your boat, so to speak! If you win the second prize, it’s also $1,000 – every month for the rest of your life!

In fact, there are a full nine prize tiers; and your chance of winning that daily fistful of dollars is 1:21,846,048. That’s known to be a significantly better number than what many other lotteries would offer you.

To enter Cash4Life, just choose one CashBall between 1 and 4 and five other numbers in the 1 to 60 range. Choose to buy a single Cash4Life game through our Lottoland website and it’s just $2*. Then, if you win, you might occasionally have empty pockets or purses one evening, but you’ll know that there’s an almost magic refill coming your way the next time you open your eyes to the morning sunshine! No wonder there’s a song about the sun having his hat on!

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.