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For enthusiastic Keno players, Lottoland is hard to beat. This innovative site is completely dedicated to lottery games. Wherever you live, you can enter your favourite draws, for competitive prices and with just a few clicks. There’s no easier, more fun way to get involved in Keno Australia online.

Getting started is simple. Grab a smartphone, tablet or computer, connect to the internet, find the Lottoland site and begin entering your numbers. An even more convenient method is using the Keno Australia app, which you can download via Lottoland. It puts your next Keno draw right at your finger tips.

Keno Australia draws go on all day, every day. They are held 15 times an hour – or once every four minutes. $1 million is up for grabs with every game. The first game of each day is 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and the last one is at 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

Keno Australia draws follow a pretty uncomplicated process. There are 70 numbers in each draw and 20 are picked out at random. To make your entry qualify, you need to choose at least one number and no more than 10. The amount of numbers you enter is at your discretion. But, to be in running for the big million, you have to enter 10 numbers, staked 10x. Furthermore, the higher the amount of numbers you enter, the bigger the size of your potential Keno winnings. Even if you don’t make any matches, you’re still in with a chance of taking some bounty home.

Playing Keno Australia on Lottoland is quite cost-effective. All you need is $1* a game. So, don’t wait around a minute longer. Pop by Lottoland today and try giving Keno online a whirl.

Play Keno Online

Daily Keno action is available all week long at Lottoland Australia. This easy-to-navigate site puts control into your hands, giving your more chances to win at more affordable prices. Keno draws occur every four minutes, with the day’s initial game scheduled for 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and the final one scheduled for 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). In other words, there are 15 draws every hour.

Would you like to know more about how to play Keno online? It’s not terribly different to playing at local pubs and clubs. Get started by thinking about how many numbers you’d like to enter. You can go for just one, or up to as many as 10. The second step is to think about how much you’d like to bet, in terms of stake. Last of all, submit your entry, relax and find out if your lucky numbers triumph or not. Keno draws always consist of 70 numbers and 20 of them are picked out randomly.

To maximise your potential jackpot, enter as many numbers as you can. There’s only one way to put yourself in the running to bag a million and that’s by entering 10 numbers, with 10x stakes. When you enter fewer numbers with lower stakes, you can still win prizes, but their sizes vary.

In addition, playing Keno at Lottoland gives you extra chances to win. In fact, you can score a small prize without making any matches. The cost of each game is only $1.

Keno Odds

All over the world, every day, there are lotteries a-plenty to enter. But few offer the odds that Keno does. Every time you enter a draw, you have a 1:2,147,181 of taking home a million bucks.

Furthermore, you get 15 opportunities per hour to test out these favourable Keno odds. The day’s fun begins at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and carries on every four minutes until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

If you’re an experienced Keno player, you’ll know that entering is a cinch. Just pick between one and 10 numbers. The amount you settle on will influence your odds and your potential winnings. Should you choose one number only, for example, your Keno odds will be 1:4.

Alternatively, pick at least eight numbers and you’ll be able to win, even without scoring any matches. It’s the same story when you enter a total of 10 numbers. Win a bigger prize when you match a minimum of five matches. As a general rule, the amount of money you stand to win increases with the amount of numbers you enter.

Find out if excellent Keno odds can make you richer today by visiting Lottoland. With just a spare dollar, an internet connection, and a computer or mobile device, you can submit your entry.

How to Play Keno Online

Lottoland gives you one of the easiest, most enjoyable Keno experiences available. This site is utterly dedicated to lotto; you can submit entries into Keno draws seven days a week from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device or computer. Every time a draw is made, there’s a million dollars up for grabs. Keno draws are held 15 times every hour, which is the equivalent to once every four minutes. Get moving with your first entry at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and don’t rest until you’re putting in your final entry at 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

Whatever your level of lottery experience, you’ll find how to play Keno easy. The biggest decision you have to make is figuring out how many numbers to enter and how much cash to stake on them. Keno draws alway see 70 numbers go into ‘the hat’ and 20 selected at random. Pick one number only or up to 10, and decide on a stake between $1 and $10. There’s one avenue for winning the million and that’s by matching 10 numbers staked at 10x.

Should you fail to win the major jackpot, don’t worry – a smaller prize could still be yours. Say, for example, you enter eight numbers or more, but none match, you can win money regardless. To find out more, try playing play Keno at Lottoland now.

Keno Win Strategies

It goes without saying that the majority of Keno players have the million dollar jackpot in their sights. Why not? That kind of money can be life-changing. But there are methods to explore for how to win Keno. Perhaps you won’t win a million dollars, but you might find a less valuable prize in your hands. To increase your possible prize, go for as many Keno numbers as you can afford and the highest possible stakes.

Playing Keno isn’t difficult in the slightest. Simply consider all the numbers in a range of one to 70. Then, choose just one of them, or several – you can enter as many as 10. Should just one or two numbers be your preference, you must match them all to win. But, by picking three numbers only, you can win cash with only two (or more) matches.

This pattern continues, as increasing amounts of numbers are added. Submit four numbers, match a minimum of two and get a prize. Pick five or six numbers, match at least three and you can win.

Alternatively, go for bigger fish. By choosing seven numbers, you’re looking for at least four matches for a win. By picking eight numbers, you need to match four or more (or none!). And, when you pick nine or 10 numbers, you’re looking to match at least five.

After you’ve settled on your Keno numbers, it’s time to consider Keno stakes. The higher your stakes, the bigger your potential winnings. At Lottoland, you get to stake between $1 and $10, and, the more you stake, the more your winnings multiply.

Keno Results

There’s no doubt that Keno can be seriously fun to play. However, biting your nails while you’re waiting for results isn’t so fun. That’s where, thankfully, Lottoland comes in. This excellent site allows you to stay in touch with all the latest Keno numbers. It is passionately committed to lotteries all over the world and, one of the services that has made it so popular is that Lottoland results are published immediately after every draw.

What’s more, you get more than just the latest Keno results. If you’re wondering how Keno panned out the day before, you can check. Plus, there’s a mammoth-sized database, where you’ll find past lottery results dating back a number of years. At Lottoland, it’s easy to see how Keno numbers have performed over time and use the information to cook up some smart Keno strategies.

While you’re at it, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Lottoland’s lottery results service doesn’t miss a game. Keno draws take place 15 times an hour, which adds up to every four minutes. And Lottoland keeps up with each and every one. There’s never any need for you to wait and wonder.

Seven days a week, Keno draws kick off at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and happen every four minutes until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). There are 70 numbers in each draw, of which 20 numbers are drawn randomly. You can enjoy Keno almost 24 hours a day and get the latest Keno results whenever you want them at Lottoland.