Play US Mega Millions Lottery

US Mega Millions Lotto

Us Mega Millions is one of the world’s greatest lotteries and we’re so pleased to offer our Australian customers a simple and swift way to be part of such an amazing game. Amazing because it’s the holder of the record for paying two of the three largest jackpots of all time. When their top pot came out at $840m you’ll see what we mean. Starting from a minimum of $19m or so, it builds swiftly through rollovers and is soon up in the high tens and then hundreds of millions.

If that whets your interest then come along to Lottoland and try this brilliant lottery for yourself. Just $5 buys you one game entry. You can also take advantage of the superb Mega Millions MegaPlier option. By adding just $1.50 to your game charge you can multiply your winnings by up to 5 times – apart from that jackpot.

The draws are big events across The Pacific each Wednesday and Saturday and you’ll want to check the results with us, knowing also that US Mega Millions pays across nine divisions, and this includes simply matching the Megaball itself. The complete draw asks you to pick any five between 1 and 75 and then your Megaball (1-15). Match all six and you are a very happy jackpot winner. Take the first step towards that possibility right now.

Play US Mega Millions Online Australia

There are so many connected devices available today that it’s easy to get yourself online wherever you are and whatever you are doing. When you join us at Lottoland you’ll quickly appreciate that our team has delivered an equally swift and simple way to choose and play from the world’s greatest lottery games.

If you’re not familiar with US Mega Millions, there are two great reasons to play. The second is that they provide 9 prize divisions, and that even includes for choosing the drawn Megaball. The first reason is their astonishing rollover jackpot sums. From a starting minimum most folk would be delirious to win at $19m or so, US Mega Millions has reached a record payout of a staggering $840m. That represents the second biggest lottery jackpot in all human history (unless those Ancient Greeks and Romans got up to something we never heard about).

Playing the Wednesday and Saturday US Mega Millions jackpot lottery draws online is so easy with Lottoland. You pick out five main numbers and then your choice of Megaball. One game is only $5*; and you can even spend just $1.50 more to use their MegaPlier option. Apart from the jackpot, this gives you the chance to increase your potential winnings by up to 5 times. Give it a go right now.

US Mega Millions Promotions

At Lottoland, we know that our customers really appreciate the chance to play many of the world’s greatest lottery games, just as quickly and easily as when choosing our own Australian games. This appreciation is mutual, which is why we spend time thinking up great promotional offers as a thank you. You’ll find full details of one of these below.

It’s a specific thanks for playing the world famous US Mega Millions lottery jackpot draw. This legendary game is responsible for paying out two of the top three lottery jackpots of all time. Leading their list, as recently as 2012, was the incredible sum of $840m. Add to this their jackpot minimum of around $19m, the rollovers that take this up into the many, even hundreds of, millions. Then it’s also good to know that US Mega Millions offers 9 prize divisions, including one where you only need match your Megaball choice (one of a total of six numbers you choose when playing).

Head to Lottoland and play their Wednesday and Saturday draws – and here’s that promised US Mega Millions promotions offer. Buy a subscription now for Mega Millions for at least a single game in each of the two weekly draws, and we’ll deduct 15% from the cost. In other words, you’ll pay just $8.50* for those two games instead of the full price of $10.

US Mega Millions Results

It takes very little time to be able to enter your favourite lottery games, from right around the world, when you play through our online portal here at Lottoland. Our team work very hard to make it as user friendly as possible. And this certainly doesn’t stop at the ‘play’ element. We also know that it’s vital for you to be able to head online, even if you just have a few moments during a busy working day or hectic home life, and be able to instantly check the results from key draws just as soon as they are completed.

A good example of this immediacy is with the great US Mega Millions lottery. We’re talking about big money to be won here. In fact often gigantic sums, from a lottery that is responsible for two of the top three payouts of all time – with their record currently standing at $840 million. So, after entering either their Wednesday or Saturday draws, we know our Lottoland customers quickly want to know how that US Mega Millions draw results panned out.

By the way, to play you simply choose five numbers and then add your single Megaball choice. If all six match, you’ll never need to check the results ever again! They also offer nine prize divisions, and one is just for matching that single Megaball choice. Come and see for yourself at Lottoland, where we have even kept every set of US Mega Millions draw results from day one in 1996.